About the Journal

Disorders of the male reproductive system relate to people of different ages and in most cases lead to infertility, which has already acquired a rank of a disease associated with the progress of civilization. The most frequently identified irregularities are hypogonadism, sexual dysfunction, genital malformations, testicular or prostate cancer. Due to the specific and increasingly polluted anthropogenic environment they concern mainly developed societies, including Poland, and are an important and growing medical, social, demographic and public health problem. A science that deals with the physiology and with disorders of the male reproductive system in terms of the basic and clinical science is andrology. As this is a young field of science, until recently an unsatisfactory state of knowledge limited the possibilities of the diagnostics and treatment of the disorders of the male reproductive system. However, in recent years there has been a very dynamic development of andrology, especially in the molecular aspect, due to the introduction of new methods of research in the field of biochemistry, biology and molecular genetics. Andrology is becoming an interdisciplinary field which integrates knowledge from various medical and scientific disciplines. Information related to these issues reach doctors and interested people in our country with difficulty, because there is few publications in Polish. Lectures given during conferences also do not always fully explain the doubts concerning diagnostic and therapeutic proceedings, recommendations or proposed algorithms. Hence, the need for a journal presenting the knowledge of andrology to the doctors of various specialties, laboratory diagnosticians and representatives of the basic science. The journal „Progress in Andrology Online” is an initiative of the Polish Society of Andrology, which is interested in the integration of people involved in different aspects of the male reproductive system, supplement and broadening their knowledge, as well as the improvement of health care for men in our country.