Some current problems of the procreation

In the article demographic situation of Poland has been presented against the background of Europe. For several years, data from the Central Statistical Office has pointed to the deepening demographic crisis of Poles, threatening the social and population situation of our country. Causes and practical consequences of late motherhood/parenthood were evaluated. They are undoubtedly related to the social and societal changes taking place in the society and were presented against the background of global changes. The problem of infertility concerning nearly 20% of the couples has been recently recalled and among others it is connected with the transformation of civilization. Attention was paid to the reduction of the lower reference limits of seminological parameters recommended by the World Health Organization over the years 1992–2010. The reimbursement programme of in vitro fertilization adopted by Polish Parliament and implemented on 1st of July 2013 was extensively discussed. Sequentially, the adopted criteria of the selection and implementation of the programme were presented, as well as the principles which would give rise to incompatibility with the law regulations and possible irregularities in its implementation. The programme does not meet the bas.