The role of psychological help and psychotherapy as a supportive factor in treatment of infertile couples

The are is no one way of dealing with the problem of infertility as well as there is no only one cause. Infertility aff ects all aspects of human life. Methods of treatment and psychological help may be different. Psychological stress, increase in anxiety, mood lowering, and even depression – particularly when experienced in the course of long-lasting treatment and reproductive failures – have an influence upon self-evaluation and self-esteem. Th e ability to use psychological help from the beginning of the process of diagnosis and treatment would be helpful in assessing the emotional state partners. It could help improve the mental functioning of patients and help to reduce the eff ects of infertility. If further treatment has no eff ect, psychological help may be important in the decision on the resignation of further treatment or adoption. At each stage of treatment, when there are other reactions, confl icts and emotional problems, such assistance – tailored to the needs and health situation of a given couple – seems not only advisable but often indispensable. Professional help in this area may take varied forms: a conversation and consultation with a psychologist, psychoeducation, individual therapy, couple and group psychotherapy, support groups, psychological intervention and sexual counseling. Interventions may be based – among others – on cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation methods and techniques that support stress reduction, emotional expression, personal resources and body work, and also on hypnosis.